Rochdale Pioneers Trust is a co-operative venture set up to ensure that all young people across Rochdale Borough have access to high quality education. Built on the ethos of the original co-operative principles and values, founding members of the Trust are all Rochdale High Schools plus Brown Hill Learning Community, Redwood School, Hopwood Hall College and Rochdale Sixth Form College.

The Trust began its work in September 2012 and its main purpose is to be a self-improving education system able to rigorously self-evaluate, and collectively support and challenge each other through a school-to-school improvement model involving other partners and the Local Authority.

Measuring success

As schools and post 16 providers, we are collectively responsible for students, parents and the wider community for the quality of education in the borough.

  • How many children achieve expected and exceeded levels of progress in each subject KS2-4.
  • The agreed post 16/special measures.
  • Institutions delivering high quality educational opportunities for all their learners.
  • Institutions judged by Ofsted to be ‘good’ and ‘outstanding'.

History of The Rochdale Pioneers

In 1844, a group of 28 artisans working in the cotton mills of Rochdale established the first modern co-operative business, the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society. Their principles have been revised and updated, but remain essentially the same as those practiced in 1844. All members of the Rochdale Pioneers Trust uphold these values.

Co-operative Values

Rochdale Pioneers as with the original Trust upholds the key Co-Operative Values of Self help, Self responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity, Solidarity, Ethical values, Honesty, Openness, Social responsibility, Caring for others.

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